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There are so so many ways to donate time, talent and treasure.

With your support you’ll touch the lives of not only a diverse group of performers, but also the entire community. Theatre can leave a lasting impact on the lives of those who hear stories of struggle, family, love, and a little laughter. We want you to be a part of our lasting impact.

Your sponsorship will support HAC programing in the following ways:

Entertain: Your generosity will support the costs of royalties, sheet music, scripts, musicians, designers, technicians, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup and hair, and advertising for each production.

Enrich: Foster a new generation of art lovers by supporting HAC programs that introduce the performing arts to audiences through creative programming for the theatre community.

Educate: Leave a lasting impact by supporting educational workshops for performers, directors and staff and supporting scholarships and internships for students pursuing both the technical and performing aspects of theatre. More to come as we continue to build...


  • Paint and Paint Brushes!

  • Plywood panels, 2x4 (no shorter than 4'), unused nails and screws, masonite, hardboard, lauan.

  • Props!

  • Cleaning supplies - paper towel, trash bags, cleaner sprays

  • Lights!

  • We would be happy to schedule a time for pick-up or drop-off of donated items at your convenience!


Email us at

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