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Please join us for the

HAC Quick Quills Auditions!

We are seeking everyone 18 years and older.

We have selected 7x 10-minute plays: you may be asked to perform in one, or several!

Two Dates!!

Sunday, January 28 from 6:00 - 8:00pm

Central Government Center
7201 Outer Loop 
Louisville KY 40228

Monday, January 29 from 7:00pm -8:00pm

Highview Arts Center
7406 Fegenbush Lane
Louisville KY 40228

Plays, Playwrights, and Directors!

Acts of Service by Taylor Vetter, dir Kaitlin Fortwengler 

As a couple wrestles with their problems, an uninvited guest lends a hand... and maybe more.

  • JULIE    Female, 30s-40s, appears “pregnant” .

  • JONATHAN    Male, any age.

  • CHRIS    Male, 30s-40s.


And Eat It Too! by Erin Fitzgerald, dir Jill Schierbaum 

A couple explores a relationship in crisis over a slice of cake. 

  • ALEX:    Adult, any gender

  • CJ:    Alex's partner; any adult age, any gender


Commonwealth v. Julian Edwards by Jazmin Smith, dir KéLeb Beauchamp

Julian Edwards gets charged with a crime and brought to juvenile court for the first time after a fight at school and it dramatically changes his family’s life over the course of one year.

  • JUDGE             Any gender, older adult

  • RENEE JONES         Adult woman

  • MRS EDWARDS         Adult woman

  • JULIAN EDWARS        14-16 year old male

  • BAILIFF:             Adult male, non-speaking role

Dead Cat by Brian Walker, dir Marc McHone

BECK and JANICE are estranged siblings who haven’t seen each other or spoken in over a year.

  • BECK                they/them, sibling to JANICE

  • JANICE            she/her, sibling to BECK


Games Are Fun! by Bryce Woodard, dir Bailey Preston

Contestants compete on a televised game show only for one of the players  he is focused more on the other player that winning the game.


  • KEVIN FRANKLIN        Adult male

  • TODD PRESTON        Adult Male

  • AMANDA ARCHER        Adult Woman


The Redwoods by Tory Parker, dir Kathy Reynolds
Vampires attend a weekly meeting and how to move forward during COVID.

  • AL            Middle-aged Adult Male

  • DONNY         Adult Male

  • MAC            Gen Z, any gender

  • FLO             Young Adult Woman

All characters can be any race or ethnicity.

Just Between Us by Joan Liles, dir Kelly Kapp

Friendships  between friends that come in all forms. 

  • LIZZY         Young Adult Woman

  • AMELIA     Young Adult Woman

  • HANNAH    Young Adult Woman

  • PEYTON     Any aged Woman

Please prepare a 60 second monolog, and perhaps be prepared to tell a joke! Select sides may be provided. 

Rehearsal scheduled based on performer/director availability. MUST attend tech and all performances. 

Tech: Monday March 11-13
Performances: March 14-17

Fill out the form to sign up for an audition time. 

Questions? Email

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