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Feng Shui

Director’s notes: Feng Shui is concept in Taoism about find the “perfect place” and achieving harmony in the universe aka shu fu. Ultimately, all our characters are seeking to find shu fu within in their world. This play presents itself as a screwball horror comedy about finding our perfect place within the world, no matter what the cost of that may be. I hope you find a giggle or two within the show and maybe just for a bit, a perfect place in this moment in time.

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Rosemary Sims(she/her) is a Louisville native who works as a full time Realtor in the Greater Louisville/Southern Indiana area. When she's not working, Rosemary enjoys singing in her church choir, being a karaoke superstar, traveling, and playing viola in the Louisville Civic Orchestra.

Jason Effinger is happy to be working with HAC once again. He previously appeared in last year’s A Christmas Carol as Fred and Young Scrooge. When he isn’t on stage acting, he is singing as the newest member of local band Special Blend and talking about vampires on the Booze & Buffy podcast.

Darien Dean is excited to be apart of this production Feng Shui at Highview arts center. Has Acted various stage productions at commonwealth theatre and highview arts center in the past. Acted in significant other at wayward actors Company. Involved in professional wrestling for many wrestling promotions. Loves acting on stage, screen, and haunted attractions during the Halloween season.

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Rob Morrow grew up in New Orleans where he quickly discovered a passion for the theater and performing arts. He went on to study ballet at Virginia School of the Arts and, upon graduation, embarked on a 15 year career as a ballet dancer. You may have seen Rob on stage in Louisville performing with Louisville Ballet, Pandora Productions’ La Cage, or Sketchy Stuff. Rob is excited to make his debut here at Highview Arts Center.


Lucille LaPlant is excited to make her HAC debut as Plant in Fen Shui. A retired hotel lobby plant, Lucille has turned to the stage. She’s previously starred as Mistress Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler, and Catherine Parr in the non union tour of Six

Jake Rosenberger is grateful to be making his directorial debut with Feng Shui, he previously appeared in the last four shows this season at HAC and is the madman behind The Hacks this summer at HAC.

Baggage Claim

People like to talk about their things, their objects, their possessions: “You should see the latest gizmo I just got!” “My first car will always be my favorite car.” “Do these glasses make me look smart?”

Then again, people sometimes prefer to talk about OTHER people’s things: “OMG, did you see that tacky ring she’s wearing?” “Lord, honey, that fella’s got more dollars than sense.” “I can’t even guess where in the world our neighbors stash all those so-called collectibles’ they’re always dragging home!”

But imagine for a brief, one-act moment that your “things” are also talking about YOU. How would those inanimate witnesses, the ones that co-exist with you, analyze your life? What would they say about you, if they indeed could speak? Which of your bitter or embarrassing secrets might they reveal?

Working with Erin Fitzgerald’s delightful script “Baggage Claim” has taken us all down the gopher hole of pondering these notions. This play is fresh, it’s funny … and it’s an mind-opening experience.

You’ll still be thinking about it when you get back home with all your own things and stuff and junk – all those unnoticed utilitarian objects in your own life. Then, you’ll almost certainly ask yourself, “Oh dear, what WOULD they say?” Kind of depends on what they’ve seen of you, don’t you think?

Welcome to a cartoon of you-ness. Adjust accordingly.
--Scout Larken, director

Devin Lee Johnson is delighted to be reprising a role she holds most dear, Violet in Baggage Claim! She recently participated in HAC’s Quick Quills, playing the role of Julie in Acts of Service. Always pursuing her passions, this southeastern KY native with the charming drawl spent the last decade founding a successful retail company. Since moving to Louisville in 2022, Devin is grateful for the opportunity to participate in local theatre. She’d like to thank her husband for always being her #1 fan.


Shannon Woolley Allison- Despite stints working, performing, and teaching in Chicago, Denver, and New York City, Shannon is Louisville, KY born and bred! She attended YPAS, earned a BFA at SMU, and a Master’s at NYU. In 2001, Shannon co-founded Looking for Lilith Theatre Company, and serves as Co-Artistic Director to this day. Most recent performances include FROM BARDSTOWN TO BROADWAY: THE ROAD TO VOTES FOR WOMEN/THE SUFFRAGE DRIVING & WALKING TOUR, and NOTE by Allie Fireel, and recent directing credits include the LFL original DEFINING INFINITY, Erin Fitzgerald's GOOD GRIEF, and Diana Grisant’s THE PATRON SAINT OF LOSING SLEEP. She is excited to be making her Highview Center premiere in Baggage Claim! .She is proud to be a roster artist for the KY Arts Council, a board member of the Arts and Cultural Alliance, and a member of Alternate ROOTS, The Network of Ensemble Theatres, The Alliance for Theatre in Education, and The Louisville Theatre Community.

Scout Larken.jpg

SCOUT LARKEN has been a rover, writer, editor, publisher, educator, activist, thespian, musician, songwriter, graphic designer, director, producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Scout’s publications, performances and recordings are numerous – including performing music live from coast to coast to Canada to the Keys (and once, serendipitously, in Australia). Among life and career honors, Scout was awarded Kentucky Foundation for Women’s Sallie Bingham Prize and a Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives Fellowship. Scout (who also worked in radio and has written hundreds of songs and several books and plays) is the occasional situation-specific extrovert who nonetheless exists most comfortably as an introvert on a hermitage at the end of the road in Kentucky’s western knobs region. Scout has acted throughout life … sometimes even onstage.


Scenic/Props and Lighting: Taylor is an active event and wedding planner in Kentucky. Currently the Wedding Director at the Seelbach Hotel, Taylor spends her days creating and designing weddings, Galas, and Derby Events in the Louisville area. Her career in Kentucky started with Heaven Hill Distilleries, Louisville Zoo, Oak Island Creative and Hummingbird Page Events, and Taylor has worked in several industries event planning for both corporate and private clients.


Prior to arriving in KY, she was a proud member of AEA, and stage managed on and off Broadway, with her longest tenure as an SM for Blue Man Group. Her experiences in NYC were sprinkled with stage managing anything and everything, from NYFW to galas with Billy Joel, movie premiers at Lincoln Center, to being a Parade Captain with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Producer/ Scenic Painter: Jill Marie Guelda is a Louisville-based multimedia artist, designer, and creative. She is the creator behind Design Studio 749 and works as Digital Branding and Marketing Coordinator with Looking For Lilith Theatre Company. Since 2006, she has worked almost every tech job theatre has to offer here in Louisville, besides hanging lights- terrified of heights.

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