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A Note from the Director

Dear Friends and Theatre Lovers, 

As the festive season unfurls its magic, I find myself reflecting on the numerous times spent breathing life into theatrical productions, many of which have been renditions of the timeless classic, "A Christmas Carol." It's a rite of passage in our profession—no theatre career feels quite complete without contributing to the legacy of Dickens' masterpiece. 

After a decade-long hiatus from the holiday stage, I've returned to this beloved narrative, rekindling the flames of redemption, hope, and love that burn at its core. These themes are universal, resonating deeply as we gather with loved ones to celebrate, whether in moments of joy or through trials and tribulations. 

This season, I invite you to engage in a heartfelt introspection: How do these powerful themes manifest in your own journey? 

Consider Redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge's tale is one of profound transformation—a journey from a life laden with regret to one brimming with second chances. As he confronts his past and seeks to rectify it, ask yourself—who in your circle might be on their own path to redemption? 

Ponder Hope. In the bleakest chapters of our existence, hope remains a steadfast beacon. Scrooge, once a cynic, discovers this flicker of light and clings to it, allowing it to guide him towards a brighter tomorrow. Look around you—where does this same glimmer shine through in your world? 

Contemplate Love. Scrooge's heart, once barricaded against affection, learns to embrace it once more, basking in the warmth of genuine connection. This holiday season, explore where love has made its home in your life and how you might share its generous gift with others. 

As we journey through these holidays and beyond, may we all carry the spirit of "A Christmas Carol" with us—finding redemption in our actions, hope in our outlook, and love in our engagements. 

Wishing you all a holiday season as heartwarming and transformative as Scrooge's own epiphany. 


Warmest regards, 

Kathy Preher Reynolds 

Meet The Cast

Jordan Aikin (she/her) returns to the HAC stage to bring Christmas cheer! She has performed around the Kentuckiana area for a number of years, most recently seen in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at HAC. She is always looking for the next acting opportunity to stay busy outside her “real” job.


Olivia Daniels is delighted to be preforming in her first production at HAC. She is a 5th grade student at Brandeis Elementary. She enjoys singing, playing video games and writing. She hopes to be an author one day.

Jason Effinger (he/him) is thrilled to be working with HAC in bringing this beloved classic to the stage. When he’s not asking Uncle Scrooge to dinner, he works at a nuclear pharmacy lab at night. You can also hear him talk about vampires on the podcast Booze and Buffy.

Mike Guelda (he/him) (Present, Fizzwig) is grateful to be a part of HAC’s first annual production of A Christmas Carol. He has over the last 4 years been a part of tech crews for many productions in town helping with set and prop construction- even lending his voice for Looking for Lilith Theatre company’s production COMMON THREADS:interwoven portraits of a pandemic: . He currently works as a Maintenance Coordinator with LREI Properties. He is looking forward to the community seeing all the hard work the cast and crew has done to bring this timeless story to life again. He would love to thank his family for supporting him during the process. 

Michael Harris (Scrooge) has been working in theater as an actor, producer, and director since an early age. His roles have ranged from a Norwegian Elf on a local PBS station to roles in Shakespeare, Beckett, and Moliere. He was a founding member of the Actors Guild of Lexington and has played many roles with Studio Players in Lexington, Clarksville Little Theater, Savage Rose Classical Theater Company, Pleiades Theater, Wayward Actors Company, and other local companies. As a director he was especially proud of his productions of Briony Lavery’s drama “Frozen”, Christopher Sergel’s adaptation of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and “The Diary of Anne Frank'' which won several awards for Clarksville Little Theater. He is very excited to bring the iconic character of Scrooge to Highview Arts Center during his favorite season of the year.

Taylor Hooper (she/her) is excited to be doing her second performance with HAC. While she finds most of her passion in Acting, she also is currently writing 2 scripts for TV shows and is delving into painting and drawing for therapeutic help. Her artwork has been featured at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville and is currently being shown at Absolute Studio Theatre. Outside of the Arts, she enjoys spending time with her kids, working on her fitness and healing journey, and traveling as often as possible.

Roz Howlett (she/her) Roz is excited to return to HAC this Christmas season as a narrator in A CHRISTMAS CAROL. In 2022, Roz performed the role of Mother in YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS. She is an enthusiastic supporter of community theater and the arts. Roz especially enjoys working with young people on developing their creative expression and serves as the drama club sponsor at St. Nicholas Academy. This past summer, she had fun working as a teaching artist with the Looking For Lilith theater company’s KidSpeak camp.

Mary Anne Mathews (she/her) is excited to portray Christmas Past in her first HAC production.  She recently played The Stick Witch for David Domine’s Victorian Ghost Walk.  Before moving to Louisville, she performed in numerous community theatre productions in Lexington, Danville, and Harrodsburg.  Among her favorite roles are Mrs. Daigle in BAD SEED, Sylvia in SYLVIA and M’Lynn in STEEL MAGNOLIAS.  A retired elementary school librarian, she loves spending time with her family, hiking, and making dollhouse miniatures.


Stuart Reynolds (ASM, Christmas Future.) is a high school senior who was in Commonwealth Theater Center's production of Frankenstein in 2023 as one of the ensemble party members. They have been in theater for around half a year and was one of the designers of the Christmas Future costume that you will see on stage.

Jake Rosenberger is a Louisville native mainly due to his fear of flying. He’s excited to be returning to HAC to play the same role as his childhood hero, Kermit The Frog. When not doing theater, he hosts the periodic show, Unlicensed Professionals, and would like to thank Kathy and the crew for their faith in him and for making the last few months magical.


Layla Schreiner is an Army brat who has lived (and performed!) in several states. As a homeschooled junior in high school, she plans to continue to delve into the film production industry after graduation. This is her first performance with HAC and she is thrilled to be working with such a talented cast and crew!

Sims-Rosemary-3 (1).jpg

Rosemary Sims(she/her) is a Louisville native who works as a full time Realtor in the Greater Louisville/Southern Indiana area. When she's not working, Rosemary enjoys singing in her church choir, being a karaoke superstar, traveling, and playing viola in the Louisville Civic Orchestra.

Jazmin Smith (she/her) is excited to be working on her first show with HAC! A lifelong theatre lover, Jazmin is excited to return to the stage after a long hiatus to attend law school and practice law. She also co-hosts My Old Kentucky Podcast, a weekly politics and policy podcast. When she’s not lawyering or podcasting, you can find Jazmin at Racing Louisville FC matches or taking acting classes at Commonwealth Theatre Center. 

Meet the Creatives

Kathy Preher Reynolds (she/her) brings over thirty years of dedication to the arts to her first full-length production as a director. Starting as an actor and evolving into a seasoned Stage Manager, she has explored numerous creative roles both in and outside of theatre. This background has given her a unique vantage point, learning from various directors from across the country. While she has directed short plays before, Kathy is especially grateful that her debut in directing a full-length play is with a story she knows well having been the Assistant Stage Manager and Stage Manager on multiple occasions.

Clara Burton (She/Her) Clara is grateful for the opportunity to learn and work with HAC for her second show this year. Previously she appeared as Jack in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. Elsewhere in Louisville she has appeared in THE NEW MRS CLAUS with Bunbury Theatre, MEDEA with Savage Rose Classical Theatre, SUMMER BRAVE and RICHARD II with Commonwealth Theatre Center where she studied from 2004-2014. Clara has a BFA in Theatre with a focus in Original Work from Cornish College of the Arts, 2019.

Jill Marie Guelda (she/her) is a Louisville-based multimedia artist, designer, and creative. She is the creator behind Design Studio 749 and works as Marketing Coordinator and Technical Director with Looking For Lilith Theatre Company. Since 2006, she has worked almost every tech job theatre has to offer here in Louisville, besides hanging lights- terrified of heights. She is beyond excited to be a part of the magic A CHRISTMAS CAROL brings to us all. She would really like to thank her family, Patrick Jump and Kathy Preher Reynolds for believing in her idea of how HAC could make this production possible.

Cameron Konz.png

Cameron Konz is glad to be back for another show this season as HAC’s lighting designer. He is a 2000 graduate of Atherton High School with a concentration in Technical Theatre. His first show with HAC was a Train Ride to Essex Junction this past March and has been helping with expanding the lighting and sound since then. He is looking forward to an amazing show.

Jaycee Padilla-Hayter (she/her) is excited to be working on the third show for the Highview Arts Center in a show where she creates the soundscape of the story!  She has worked in the Louisville theater scene for 15 years starting with her Theater arts degree from UofL. She works with several theater companies in the area as a director, stage manager, and actor.

Regina Harris (she/her) has worked with the Louisville theater community for 20 years in a number of capacities with many companies. She makes her debut as costume designer with this production of Christmas Carol. Otherwise, she can be found at her day job at the United Crescent Hill Ministries Youth Development Program; or her weekend fun job as a Highlands Archetectural History and food  tour guide with Louisville Food Tours; or writing the occasional theater review; or taking acting classes at CTC for fun. Thank you to Kathy Reynolds, once  a very scary stage manager, whose respect I always wanted to have. Having achieved it, I  can now call Kathy “friend.”

Bluegrass Production Studio is a local theatre production company that provides technical assistance to the creative community. Also serving as a resource to help produce the arts and preserve its future. Since opening in 2020, BPS has been a part of over 100 theatre productions. Mostly serving the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas. BPS offers technical theatre support to Educational, Community, and Professional programs. We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful production and look forward to many more in the future. 

Patrick Jump (Owner) -  Technical Director, Karl Anderson - Scenic Artist 

Zac Campbell-Hoogendyk - Lead Carpenter

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